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Intersand Odor Lock Cat Litter

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*** Litter bags are not available for mailing, you can order them for the local delivery (Sherbrooke) or in-store pickup only ***

Ultra premium clumping litter multi-cat formula

Our OdorLock mineral litter is produced from 100% pure and natural premium clay for maximum effectiveness without compromise.

Optimal odor control for over 40 days

Respect for the respiratory tract of humans and cats

Quick and easy cleaning for a multi-cat environment

Tested by veterinarians

Made in Canada

Product advantages


Thanks to its patented technology, our OdorLock litter neutralizes the formation of ammonia for unparalleled control of urine and feces odors. Cat urine does not contain ammonia per se. Rather, this gas forms in the litter box, when urine comes into contact with oxygen and grows bacteria. Ammonia is responsible for the unpleasant odor emanating from the litter box. Our technology is therefore activated on contact with urine to neutralize odors for more than 40 days. OdourLock is perfect for a multi-cat environment, since simple daily maintenance of the boxes ensures optimal cleanliness that will delight you and your cats!


Our OdourLock litter is made from a 100% pure and natural clay, sodium bentonite. This mineral component essential to our exclusive formula comes directly from the mines of Wyoming. We pay particular attention to its extraction and transformation in order to obtain a very high quality clay while respecting the environment. The high capacity and rapid absorption of our litter allow the formation of small and solid clumps, which greatly facilitates cleaning and daily maintenance. OdourLock can absorb up to six times its weight in liquid. Because it generates less waste, it lasts longer than competitive litter and therefore costs you less. The amount of litter used each year can be reduced by up to 45%


Thanks to our state-of-the-art production processes, we offer you a litter that is dust-free, which is preferable for cats in general and, more specifically, for cats or cat owners who are asthmatic or allergic to dust. Its clay-based formula is almost as soft as sand, to the delight of little felines who love the feeling of softness under their paws!

OdourLock is available unscented or lightly scented. Since our mission is not to perfume your home, our OdourLock litter releases its fragrances only in contact with a liquid. Always with a view to respecting the health and sensitivity of cats, the fragrances we use have been carefully selected to please them. Subtle, these scents won't interfere with your cats elimination routine.