Cat - Know everything!

  • Dry or wet food
    (Croquettes or preserves)

    What is the best food for your cat, beyond brands, flavors, recipes the question we explore is wet or dry food for your cat?
  • dangerous plants
    for your cat and pets

    Poisonous plants for your cat or other animals in the house. Understand the stakes and also what to do in case of ingestion of toxic plants.
  • How to make my move
    more comfortable for my cat?

    It's tempting to freshen up when you move house, but this can particularly upset your cat , who attaches particular importance to smells. Throughout its stay at your current location, it has affixed its body odors to surrounding surfaces to mark out its territory.
  • The pros and cons of adopting a kitten

    Without taking anything away from senior cats, it is true that adopting a kitten is a joyful experience. Just looking at their little chard fills us with joy. It's not for nothing that the web is full of videos of them!