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Catit Power Mix Silica Cat Litter

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Silica Power Mix Crystalized Silica Litter's lavender-scented crystals have millions of microscopic pores that absorb moisture and lock in odors whenever the litter comes in contact with urine or feces.

Because Silica Power Mix litter won't clump, you'll never have to shovel up urine clumps again! Unlike clay litters, Silica Power Mix litter produces less dust and significantly reduces mess.

As this litter has a crystalline structure which adheres little to the paws, it produces very few streaks. Since Silica Power Mix litter is biodegradable, it eventually turns into sand.

As it does not clump and therefore does not stick to paws or fur, this litter is ideal for kittens, long-haired cats, as well as cats recovering from surgery.

Product advantages

Litter which, thanks to the millions of microscopic pores of its 100% silica crystals, traps unwanted odors
Fast odor absorption
Lavender scent
Non-toxic and safe
Suitable for all cats
Net weight: 6.8 kg (15 lbs)
A 6.8 kg (15 lb) bag can last up to four months when only one cat uses the litter box


Silica, cornstarch