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Biogance Ergolance Carding Brush

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Natural and functional brushes Ergolance is the new range of fine brushes combining design, ecology and efficiency, made from natural hazel wood.

With a unique shape and ergonomic design, the handles of the Ergolance brushes are as comfortable for right-handed as for left-handed people.


Ergolance card is ideal for removing dead hair, detangling without damaging the hair and restoring fluff to the coat. Its pins are made of stainless steel for optimal efficiency and its natural wooden handle offers an ergonomic shape for more comfort and a better grip.

Usage tips :

Brush regularly in the direction of the coat, from the withers to the tail, under the belly and along the legs.

Trick :

For more efficiency on knots, use the Xtra Liss detangler before the bath, which will facilitate detangling, then wash your pet with one of the shampoos from the BIOGANCE range.

Suitable for all hair types.