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Baci+ 3 in 1 for cats

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When to administer this product:

Joint disorders (articulation, flexibility and mobility)

Loss of gaming stamina

Loss of interaction with family

Dull coat

Hair loss

Obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight



HYALURONIC ACID (coat, skin and joints)

Joint lubrication and flexibility

General mobility

Tissue hydration and cohesion

Skin and dermal health

PRE-PROBIOTICS (gut health)

Balanced intestinal flora

Better assimilation of daily food

Stimulation of the immune system and enzyme production


Support for neurological and heart health

Protection against free radicals

Stimulation of metabolism and general vitality

Anti-aging effect


Dehydrated culture of Bacillus probiotics, pharmaceutical grade prebiotic fiber. Product of natural fermentation of Bacillus (mucopolysaccharide), Trans-resveratrol 99% micronized

Guaranteed analysis per gram:

20 mg trans-resveratrol 99% | 1 billion CFU Bacillus


During the first seven days, add the recommended portion to the food twice a day, morning and evening. Thereafter, add the recommended portion to their food once a day .

You will notice an improvement in your cat's health within the first two weeks of use. For maximum results, 60 consecutive days of use are recommended.


Do not feed to animals that are pregnant, lactating, undergoing anticoagulant therapy or chemotherapy. If adverse effects occur, discontinue use of the product and consult a veterinarian.

Store at room temperature in a dry place. Close the bag immediately after use. Avoid product contamination.